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​Why Weight Training Is the Most Important Type of Training for EVERYONE

When you think of words like “fitness” or “training,” what exactly does that mean to you? Steady-state cardio? High-intensity interval training? Powerlifting? Swimming? Cycling? Spinning? The way we perceive fitness matters because there are exercises that are optimal for our bodies and...


How I Taught Myself to Lift Weights Properly

When I was in my early college years before I discovered the proper approach to lifting weights, I worked out just like all my friends did. It was more of a hangout thing than it was a health thing. Squatting, benching, and deadlifting massive amounts of weight week after week. It was a good...


Reverse Pyramid Training for Maximum Strength Gains

Strength training is hands down the most effective kind of training that you can incorporate into your workout routine. But a lot of people seem to not like the idea of strength training. I strongly feel that this is because they associate strength training with injuries from lifting very...


About the Axle Fit Course

As gyms start slowly opening back up, you’re probably thinking about getting back into a workout routine.Working out shouldn’t be a chore or a burden. It should be an enjoyable part of your life so that it’s easy to sustain! But without the right approach or an effective strategy, it’s no wonder...