Isn't indoor cycling ("spinning") very difficult?

Yes and no.  Classes are only as hard as you make them.  Your instructor will lead you through a preset class structure, but you can freely adjust your settings, like RPM and gear, to stay within your own comfort zone.  You can make the class as difficult or as easy as you would like.      

What type of indoor bikes are you using?

We have the brand-spanking-new Keiser M3+ bikes with the power console.  These bikes feature fore and aft adjustable handlebars (especially nice for short and tall people), computer readout with backlit display, and a factory calibrated resistance system.  You can read more about these machine at the Keiser website @  We look forward to embracing the many training advantages these bikes provide.     

What kind of pedals are on your bikes?   

The bikes have Shimano combo pedals.  You can either clip-in with your cycling shoes, or wear your sneakers and use the adjustable cages.   

What should I bring/wear to class? 

For cycling class, wear comfortable clothes.  It is recommended that you wear tight-fitting pants or shorts.  Although you don't necessarily need to wear bike shorts, please make sure your pants/shorts are not excessively baggy or have loose material that can become stuck in the bike or will bunch (can you say "uncomfortable?"). 

Bring a water bottle.  There is a water fountain on site.  We also have bottled water. 

For yoga (and other fitness) class, also dress comfortably!  Please bring a mat.   

Do you have locker rooms?

We have a changing room and an area for personal belongings. At this time, we do not have shower facilities.

How will I know if I'm scheduled for (or cancel out of) a class?

Our system is fully automated and linked to your email account you used when setting up an account.  If you do not OPT IN on emails you will not receive class confirmations or wait list updates and you will be responsible for logging in to stay updated on your schedule. Please note that OPT IN is not for our e-blast updates. You will get added to that but can remove yourself at anytime without losing your "OPT IN" status with our online scheduler. You will receive an initial email when you set up this account. You will ALSO receive emails when you make a purchase, enroll in a class and/or cancel out of a class. If you are not receiving these emails, please check your SPAM folder and also check the email address you put into our system.